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I work as a Psychologist in private practice with individuals and groups. Many of my clients are highly successful individuals, people in some kind of transition, often seeking balance in their lives. My intention is to assist clients grow towards a higher level of awareness, understanding of their needs, new ways of living and step out of dysfunctional patterns.

The individuals I work with in different parts of the world are curious about themselves and in partnership we work together to help them build more vibrant and purposeful lives.

Living in more evolved ways, conscious of ones intentions, our real impact on others, means change, risk, uncertainty and my job is to help make such exciting transitions feel a little smoother.

It is a creative, confidential space where rambling and being really truthful is really valued and the masks we all wear, the fronts we put on, in varying degrees, can be put aside for a while.

Formerly a psychology lecturer at the University of Sussex, in the UK, I trained in family & psychoanalytic psychotherapy as well as developmental psychology, in order to help bring about lasting change and transformation for my clients.

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"What were their parents thinking?"
Commissioned by The Times (Published 24 September 2007)
I am a psychologist of some experience. One of my jobs is to coach City high achievers, helping them to improve their performance by focusing on emotional intelligence, leadership and team development. here

Julia Noakes

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