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My career has focused on developing innovative solutions to the tough and enduring challenges of managing change for individuals, teams and large organizations. My clients are usually CEO's and Executives who need to implement change endeavours that simultaneously deliver performance and build capabilities.   This includes helping leaders set high and appropriate aspirations, evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their existing change efforts, and execute initiatives that embody best practice and leading edge techniques. The individual clients I coach towards higher performance in challenging environments are often actors and investment bankers. One of my favourite phrases reflects my action orientated approach - is "if you chose to evolve with the tribe, you are choosing to evolve very, very slowly".  

Until the early 1990's, I held academic posts in psychology departments at Birkbeck College and the University of Sussex.   This involved teaching and researching on the subjects of organization design and change.   My PhD research concerned the ways in which multi-national leadership groups develop efficient and effective ways of collaborating.   I've published in this field and maintain a strong interest in issues concerning International integration issues in business. I have trained in Gestalt psychotherapy as well as psychoanalysis in order to work effectively with the deeper roots of change and development.

In the last year alone, I have worked in Australia, Singapore, New York, Europe and India. The sectors I have worked with include Investment Bank, Film & Television as well as the Aviation industry. I have a particular passion for working with executive teams to develop their ability to work as high performing teams that enable the achievement of business goals and support each person contributing to their best ability.

Clients tell me they value my candour, out-the-box thinking, compassion and direct approach.   I provide a high level of support and challenge as well as, a deep understanding of the processes of change, motivation and commitment.   Clients often speak best about what I do, so please do take a look at the 'testimonial' section of this site.

One of my greatest passions is India, its land, forests and people. I am a Trustee of the India Environment Trust and an advisory member of the Conservation Action Trust in Mumbai.  


Top Team Alignment & Effectiveness

Indicators of Need:

Service Offering:

• Team roles and operating norm inhibit success

• Differing views and assumptions about what and how we do as a business

Tailored processes to build leadership commitment and skills and to uncover and resolve the "hidden barriers" that derail change efforts.

Ineffective working relationships among team or with broader organization.

Process typically includes mix of 1-2 day off-sites, periodic check-ins, coaching and specific skill building - all with the business task as the focal point.


Change Planning

Indicators of Need:

Service Offering:

•  Overall plan/roadmap lacking
•  Initiatives proliferating
•  Results falling behind plan
• Top team disagrees on process

Diagnostic tools and best practice approaches for launching, developing and sustaining high impact change programmes.

Process running out of energy

Approach integrates the "hard" e.g. strategies, goals, structures and "soft" e.g. culture, beliefs and behaviours of organizations.


Building Change Leadership Capacity

Indicators of Need:

Service Offering:

• Need to hire Senior Executive.
• Shortage of high performing leaders.

Psychological assessment Process for building performance oriented leaders - through real on the job activities.

Missing key skills - project management, influence communication, change management

Agree performance goals and combines workshops, on-the-job coaching and networking for lasting results.


Mobilisation & Behaviour Change

Indicators of Need:

Service Offering:

Commitment of large segment of organization required to implement strategy

Processes which proactively and systematically engage key stake-holders to ensure commitment to new methods.

Stress & Burnout of High Performers

Coaching for strategies to improve wellbeing and focus.

Lonely at the top syndrome Coaching of CEO, providing supportive and challenging sounding board.

Julia Noakes

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