Sample of Julia's - Speeches


Chasing your own Tail: Obsessions, Compulsions & the Need to be Busy
Custody Disputes: A Lawyers guide to the Latest Evidence on the developing brain of the child
On Talking to Yourself & Being Still
The Gift of Choice: empowerment at work
What does it take to transform ourselves?
Personality, Pathology & Weird behaviour at Work
Developing the Young talent of India
I'm an Addict: Get me out of Here!
Why DO women accept abuse?
A Spiritual Method of Embracing the Breath and letting go of Nicotine Addiction
Losing & finding your ethical compass
Snoring at the Helm: the patterns failures of leadership
Coaching 100 CEO’s: Their challenges & opportunities
Learning to love and be loved
What is psychoanalysis & what does it teach us about human behaviour?
How to build a high performance Team
How the cosmopolitan Indian succeeds abroad
Dealing with rogue employees
Why Companies need women on the Board
Managing Creative people
Why avoiding conflict derails Indian businesses and how to stop it
The strengths of Indian leadership and the lessons from overseas
The extraordinary leaders of our time: What they do and what they don’t do

Emotional Intelligence at work: why it matters & how ignoring it matters even more
The moral maze, facing the ethical dynamics of leadership

Family Love & Family Fights in the Family Business: What can we learn from the best?
Developing Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
Why joint ventures succeed or fail
Positive Power & Influence: the eight ways to truly make things happen
Making corporate change work
Julia provides motivational speeches, for corporate events and educational institutions with a delicious touch of humour. Depending on the nature of the event, I can use film clips (Bollywood & Western films), PowerPoint, or just simply speak. Also, these can have a high or low level of audience participation. Very often, the client will give Julia a brief and I then design something around that diagnosis.  Generally, I am asked to inspire, but occasionally the speech brief is stir up the audience to face the difficult tasks ahead, with rigour and determination.


Julia Noakes

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