We focus on the work of human transformation, for individuals, groups, families, and companies. With our expertise in human and organisation psychology we will help you on your journey towards greater fulfilment in life and revitalise a passion for life with purpose.
Higher versions of ourselves are always possible; that bring more balance and joy in our lives. 

“Julia is a magician in some ways – she does it by a very keen marriage of supreme intellect and absolute precision on the theory but married to an absolute passion for what she is doing.”

Rhom R M.D. Deutsche Bank

Julia Noakes


“ Julia will guide and challenge you to surmount your personal mountain.

I think of it as adult education. Part of life long learning and the subject is you.”

james B

Xenon Partners


“Julia has had a profound impact on our business and on me personally as an individual. Her expertise in group dynamics and leadership has not only helped drive a cohesive company culture at our business but has also provided great opportunities for our staff and partners to reflect on and improve their own interpersonal and leadership skills. Julia has taken a sincere interest in our team and our business, she has challenged us to reflect on our weak points and encouraged growth through meaningful dialog and engagement. It’s not always easy but the results speak for themselves. She’s worth every penny. ”

jason b

MAIORA Asset Management


“Julia tailors her approach in each session and allows the session to evolve. She is warm, nurturing, and fun while at the same time challenging the way in which we think and behave. She has been invaluable helping me navigate through all the large and smaller challenges life has thrown at us. She instinctively knows when to apply the pressure and get into the nub of the issue and when to sit back and let things meander. She is extremely clever hearing what may be left unsaid.”

Olivia H

CFO Talenthouse.com


“Julia makes the ground fertile for teams to work more effectively together and breaks down barriers to really clear and honest communication that makes teams that much more dynamic: turbo-charges them in effect…”

Rashid H

Deutsche Bank, London


“Julia has been instrumental in managing our business partnership through the challenges of growth, a partner buy-out, and multicultural differences within our operation. Many of our senior employees now use Julia’s insights not only to face professional but also personal challenges – a resounding vote of confidence.”

Marzio K

Maiora Renewables


“Julia saved my life. I would have had PTSD I think otherwise with the trauma I went through. Instead I am climbing Kilimanjaroo and my business Elite FX thanks to her is flourishing”

Stuart H

Elite FX


“Life-transforming is the only way I can describe my work with Julia. At a profoundly challenging time in my life, Julia guided me with immense commitment, understanding, and love through various issues resulting in monumental changes in my life. Julia encouraged me to break from the old patterns of a former life and helped me to develop a deep insight into myself, which empowered me to move forward and live the life I deserve and want to live today. “

Lisa K

Private ~Client


“Julia coached our executive board through our global strategy. She had us take a long look in the mirror about how we each functioned in the group. It was tough, but the results are fantastic.”

 Richemont AG

Leader Compagnie Financière



“Essentially, Julia is a cancer specialist – she ripped out all the cancer that was eating up our motivation, decent team-working and stopping us from achieving great results.”

Kevin R

Deutsche Bank