I love coaching individuals on a one-to-one basis. The sessions may very short term, just one or two, to help deal with a specific issue. Some clients come back regularly during periods of transition, a promotion, mid-life, when children leave home.


With over 25 years' experience, that's more than 700 individuals,   business executives, CEOs, musicians, politicians, parents, teenagers and leaders of NGOs.


In large groups of 500-plus, I've coached over 20,000 people from London, Tokyo, Dubai and Singapore, to New York, Mumbai, Dublin, Hong Kong and Sydney.






Building courage to take the right actions

Positive revolt with teenagers, rather than self-harm

Leadership excellence

Vibrant connection, and honest communication

Higher level of performance beyond mind interference

Greater career success

Increasing the joy quota in life

Advancing to the next level of awareness and action



Has A


Resistance &

Defensiveness is Normal

Many Wishes &

Fantasies Are

Not Conscious 



























There is Continuity between childhood and adulthood patterns