ALL BUSINESS benefits from the insights of a Psychologist at the top of the organization, whether it's an Opera house or an Investment bank.


The bus theory of leadership is quite simply: get the right people on the bus, get the wrong people off the bus, know your destination, and have a good map. Sounds easy doesn't it!

It isn't...

THE challenge is how to do this with multiple perspectives and expertise, to maximise the strength of the people in the business, so you function as a superior orchestra, rather than just mediocre noise, or a short burst of a good sound. This is where I help.


My doctoral research was on building amazing multi-national teams in global firms. I loved teaching organizational psychology at the University of Sussex, and inspiring students to take an often oblique psychological lens on what really is going on in organisational life, just as I do with clients




Business consultancy

Family-business development

Global team business

From start-up to sustainable

Business transition to IPO

Leadership assessment


Expert witness testimony

Motivational speaking

Just as all humans have an unconscious life,

so too does the business have an unconscious life.


                                             It's called CULTURE