Anxiety , Stress

Midlife challenges





Transitioning into adulthood

Anxiety, Stress



Relationship counselling

Separation and divorce mediation

Strengthening family connection

Mediating financial wellbeing for the courts


I work therapeutically with individuals, providing help with awareness, healing, and courage to face and live life's challenges. I trained in Gestalt psychotherapy for couples/families and have successfully mediated several high-wealth divorces. This is often a conceirge service where I am retained to provide ongoing help with any issues emerging for adults or children, in the newly configurated family lives.


Increasingly I work with teenage girls and boys. These are very challenging times for our adolescents and I often work with parents in the family to help them provide containment and authority for the anxieties these young people face. 


My work has been supervised and coached for the past 25 years with the insights of the most talented psychologists in the UK. I also bring intelligence from teaching adolescent and child-development at the University of Sussex.