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Pavan Sukhdev

Managing Director, 

Deutsche Bank, India


Julia's coaching of my senior executives has been invaluable to them personally and a tremendous help in building the right attitudes and behaviours in the team. As a one-to-one coach for senior executives, I rate her as outstanding : she is insightful, experienced, as patient or as aggressive as the situation demands, and always leads to results.


Julia also builds high-performing teams by working on Change Agendas, as she is doing at present with Global Markets in India, where her ability to transcend national, cultural, and social barriers in pursuit of team cohesion and excellence is truly commendable.


The large-scale change work Julia does is highly relevant to and tailored for the identified needs of a team. Therefore it is lasting and valuable, and I am confident that it will result in better people working for a better tomorrow here.

Raymond Koole

Managing Director

Standard Chartered Bank



Julia has been my coach and a coach to our whole division. Personally I found both experiences transformational. The 1-on-1 coaching was very powerful, especially as it caught me when I was just taking on additional managerial responsibilities.


I believe that Julia tailors her approach in these sessions to the individual. The organizational coaching was perhaps more radical. The aim was to be very inclusive of the entire division, and to re-energise individuals within the bank who were losing their drive. The offsites were always quite high energy, with lots of fairly short presentations or activities rotating. Julia was never a presenter at any event – always a facilitator.


She is a big fan of visual media so all teams were encouraged to present through films or plays. It was remarkably successful – with the most unexpected people emerging as dramatic talents. Julia also believes that hierarchies can be paralyzing if they create an atmosphere where juniors are fearful of speaking out, so the events always tried to be very democratic, with juniors presenting to seniors or working in mixed teams.


At the time, we had established a complete dominance in our business and many people in the division were obviously becoming bored, complacent or looking for the next challenge. The work that the division did with Julia was very effective at re-invigorating the group and getting some of the most effective individuals excited again about the opportunities for the future.


EuroMoney 2006


Deutsche Bank's secret weapon is their psychologist.

On winning Euro-money 2006


K Ducker, Director

OANDA, Singapore


Julia is unique. She wakes dead people up.

She does it with love, sincerity and intellectual discipline.

To make decisions from love, to learn how to be self aware, and to recognise that intimacy brings power...

All this and more simply changed my life forever and I am so much richer in every aspect of my life.

Thank you, Julia.

Jim Turley

Deutsche Bank.


Project brief, to integrate global banking silos, of FX & Commodities.

Rhom Ram, Managing Director

Deutsche Bank, London


"Julia is a magician in some ways  - she does it by a very keen marriage of supreme intellect and absolute precision on the theory but married to an absolute passion for what she is doing. "

Stuart Holmes



All too often people say the words “she changed my life” or “she saved my life”. 

Well in my case both those sentences would be a huge understatement when it comes to Julia and what she did for my family and for me. She came into my world two days after my world literally collapsed with the sudden passing of my beautiful wife. 

My grief was over-whelming and I believe she prevented me from getting PTSD. The first morning we spoke, I could not get out of bed.  Seven months later as I write this testimonial to her, she has helped me literally rebuild everything, brick by brick.

I have never felt stronger and more energised and looking forward to everything the future has to hold.  My business Elite-FX and my family is thriving. I'm also training to climb Kilimanjaro for the amazing charity StandingTall.Anyone is privileged to have Julia in their world; they are blessed and enriched for the opportunity to have her care and guidance.

Olivia Higgins

CFO Talenthouse.com

I just wanted to let you know that you that I am glad that I was introduced to Julia.  

Julia tailors her approach in each session and allows the session to evolve. She is warm, nurturing, and fun while at the same time challenging the way in which we think and behave. She has been invaluable helping me navigate 2020 with all the large and smaller challenges life has thrown at us. She instinctively knows when to apply the pressure and get into the nub of the issue and when to sit back and let things meander. She is extremely clever hearing what may be left unsaid. 

I cannot recommend her highly enough. Everyone needs a Julia!  

Rashid Hoosenally, Managing Director

Deutsche Bank, London


"Julia makes the ground fertile for teams to work more effectively together and breaks down barriers to really clear and honest communication that makes teams that much more dynamic: turbo-charges them in effect..."